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News on Fracking Distracts from the Real Economic Trends

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March 28, 2014

“Oil and Gas Extraction Booming,” reports the headline on yesterday’s U.S. Government Census Bureau 2012 Economic Census Advance Report (which covers 2007 – 2012). While the news about “fracking” is true, the headline’s emphasis on job growth in the fossil fuel industry over the past five years is somewhat misleading. …  

Categories: energy, fossil fuels, income inequality, natural gas

New Publication: Perspectives on "Sustainable" Palm Oil: Problematic Certification Systems and the Responsible Investor

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March 24, 2014

Here at Portfolio 21, we are continuously working to identify critical ESG issues and educate both ourselves and our investors.  As part of these efforts, we are pleased to announce a new publication:  “Perspectives on ‘Sustainable’ Palm Oil:  Problematic Certification Systems and the Responsible Investor…,” which examines the  

Categories: climate change, deforestation, food, global warming, palm oil, socially responsible investing, sustainable investing

Speaking Out on Divestment

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March 13, 2014

When Portfolio 21 got the call to testify in front of the Oregon State House Energy and Environment Committee on divesting state funds from fossil fuels, we gladly accepted.  In an effort to encourage the state to consider divesting funds from fossil fuel holdings, 350 PDX… organized a variety of  

Categories: climate change, divest fossil fuels, fossil fuel-free investing, fossil-free investing, global warming, green investing, greenhouse gas emissions, socially responsible investing, sustainable investing

The Inevitable Risks of Climate Change Become the Immediate Impacts for Some

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November 20, 2013

As is so often the case, real time global events offer inspiration and motivation for the work being done by Portfolio 21 and undoubtedly for efforts being made by our clients as well. Over the course of two weeks this month, government representatives from around the world are meeting at…  

Categories: climate change, energy, environmental justice, global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, natural disaster, weather

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