Sustainable Business Practices

Increasingly, investors are looking to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into the investment process as a way to identify the companies best positioned to deliver strong long-term performance. In addition, these same investors expect their investments to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

We believe that companies that adhere to strong positive ESG policies can increase profitability and develop a competitive edge. We have found that integrating ESG factors into the investment process is the best way to deliver long-term, risk adjusted returns to clients.

Trillium Asset Management’s investment process is focused on finding companies with strong growth prospects that are attractively priced. Our analysts conduct bottom-up fundamental analysis on the companies they cover, simultaneously reviewing both traditional financial metrics and ESG metrics that we believe can add value to the investment process. We do not believe that ESG integration can be successful simply through a process of “screening out” companies after the fact. When our analysts make recommendations to our buy list, they present a synthesized overview of a company that includes all aspects of company performance, including ESG risks and opportunities.

A leader in shareholder advocacy and public policy work, Trillium leverages the power of stock ownership to promote social and environmental change while providing both impact and performance to our investors. Trillium strives to achieve the same level of diligence and reporting that we ask of companies with whom we interact.

You can download Trillium’s most recent PRI Report here.
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