Office Features

Located in Portland's Sustainability Hub

Our office is located in Ecotrust's renovated Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center in the heart of the Pearl District. The building was the first restoration of a historic building to achieve the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold rating nationwide. The certification considers such factors as water efficiency, energy performance, siting, materials, and indoor air quality. We are part of a community of tenants who subscribe to principles of sustainability including Ecotrust, Patagonia, Cascadia Region Green Building Council, The Natural Step Network, and the Wild Salmon Center.

Intentional Office Design

The design of our office in the Natural Capital Center is the result of collaboration between our company and designers Terry Tebeau and Elizabeth Blades. Highlights include: cabinetry, tables, flooring and desktops made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood including Mahogany, Western White Oak and Birch from the Northwest; wood surfaces stained with natural dyes and clear-coated with water-based non-toxic finishes; walls coated with low VOC paints; all natural heavy wool carpeting; and low energy T-12 fluorescent lighting.

Daily Operations

Small choices add up, so we consider our environmental impact not just in our capital investments, but also in our day to day business decisions. In procurement decisions, we prioritize products with most environmental benefits--high recycled content, energy efficient, recyclable--and prefer suppliers who share our priorities. We have on-site composting and recycling of a wide array of materials. Our office shares an ethic of conservation--we choose reusable goods over disposable, equipment and lighting are turned off when not in use, printing is double-sided or avoided altogether whenever possible. We provide incentives such as subsidized public transportation and bicycle maintenance to enable employees to leave their cars at home and take alternative transportation to work.


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