Portfolio 21 Global Equity Fund

We all recognize that our decisions, both large and small, impact the environment and society.

The way we invest, and how we create investment returns, is one of those decisions, and it can be an important part of our collective impact.

You may be:

  • looking to invest in global companies that demonstrate long-term perspective through environmental leadership
  • seeking a fund with competitive performance that understands the foundation of good company management often starts with wise use of natural resources and human capital
  • representing a client, or part of an organization, with a mandate to demonstrate its environmental and social commitments through its investments

Portfolio 21 Global Equity Fund offers shareowners a way to invest without compromise.

Our Principles for Investment set a high bar for the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance we expect from leading companies.  Our rigorous standards focus on global leaders and avoid companies engaged in high risk activities.  For example, we exclude companies directly engaged in fossil fuel exploration and production, weapons manufacturing, egregious labor practices, and a host of other activities we find to be environmentally or socially unattractive.

Our financial standards are equally selective.  We maintain a steady focus on leadership and strong fundamentals.  The Fund’s performance and portfolio characteristics reflect our commitment to quality and the long-term perspective of the portfolio.


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