Impact Investing

As investors, we have an opportunity to engage with companies and the public in addressing environmental and other corporate responsibility concerns that inform our investment process.

We employ several different engagement strategies, all of which are integrated into our research and investment process, thereby linking our investment decisions with the success or failure of our company engagements.  Our primary concerns are corporate actions taken at the expense of employees, environment, and community. Communications and Proxy Voting are the primary engagement strategies.

Additionally, we have performed a Portfolio Audit with Trucost, a leading global research and environmental data provider, to calculate the cumulative environmental footprint of the Fund’s holdings.  We have analyzed our findings in the Portfolio 21 Global Equity Fund Environmental Impact Report.


Portfolio 21's selection process seeks companies best positioned to succeed financially given the increasing challenges posed to business by human activities that extend beyond the earth's ecological limits. We believe investors can play an important role in raising awareness of environmental concerns through direct dialogue with government and community stakeholders.  Read about our recent Communications.

Proxy Voting

Through active proxy voting, Portfolio 21 supports all beneficial environmental and corporate responsibility resolutions placed on the ballots of companies in the fund.

Environmental Impact Report

Portfolio 21 has undertaken a project to create the Global Equity Fund Environmental Impact Report with data from leading environmental research provider Trucost. We believe our findings underscore our longstanding commitment to rigorous, in-depth research in pursuit of the excellence and environmental performance we require in our highly selective investable universe. As a result, the Fund is fossil fuel free and seeks global leaders with high quality financial fundamentals and superior business practices in respect to how they impact society and the environment.


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