Principles for Investment

Portfolio 21’s investment approach includes principles that establish a high bar and assure consistency in our decision-making process.


Ecological Limits

Companies shall demonstrate an understanding of the ecological limits that exist for their business and address their specific impact areas through a range of verifiable initiatives.

Environmental Stewardship

All companies are in a position to protect and preserve the environment and shall have appropriate policies to guide their behavior as well as a history of appropriate behavior.

Environmental Strategy

Companies shall have strategies for becoming more efficient in their interactions with the environment and show progress towards meaningful goals.

Human Rights and Equality

Companies shall assure that they are not directly, or indirectly through their supply chain, involved in egregious labor practices.

Societal Impacts

Companies shall demonstrate an understanding of the impact that their activities have on a given society or community and behave in a manner respectful of  known customs or concerns.

Corporate Governance

All companies have the ability to be honorable corporate citizens and should be expected to do so.  Essential to this achievement is a company’s corporate governance structure and policies.


There are certain industries and business activities that we believe are too environmentally risky or present social outcomes that are too unattractive to warrant investment consideration. We exclude the extractive industries of mining and fossil fuel production, as well as companies exclusively involved in agricultural biotechnology, alcohol, gambling, nuclear energy, tobacco, and weapons production. We also evaluate companies to ensure they meet our animal testing requirements. Additional information on each policy is included in our Negative Screens.


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