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United States

Ameresco is an energy services company that provides energy auditing and engineering solutions that aim to reduce energy budgets, manage price risk, and simplify energy procurement.

The company's projects include landfill-gas-to-energy, wind farms, and solar projects. One recent project example is Ameresco's partnership with the San Antonio water system to develop a new sewage treatment plant. Rather than flaring its methane, this plant will capture and transfer it to a commercial gas pipeline to be sold on the open market. Over the course of this 20-year partnership, Ameresco will treat and transfer at least 900,000 cubic feet of gas. In return, the water system's ratepayers will receive a royalty on the sale of the gas at approximately $200,000 a year, which will reduce the cost of operations and keep rates affordable.

Ameresco's initial public offering took place in July 2010, so the company has limited corporate reporting. Portfolio 21 has asked the company to improve its communications and include metrics on the progress of its own internal environmental initiatives.

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