Company Profile

Banco Bradesco


Banco Bradesco provides banking and financial products and services throughout Brazil.

The company’s retail segment has over 4,000 branches, which serve all levels of the population. Banco Bradesco became a signatory to the Equator Principles in September 2004.  The bank conducts social and environmental assessments of financed projects in all loan operations, including those not covered under the Equator Principles.  Banco Bradesco also uses positive screening to identify environmental profit opportunities, including environmental loans, environmental lines of credit, and socially responsible investment funds.

In addition to demonstrating above-average performance in corporate lending/project financing activities, the bank also shows leadership in addressing the environmental consequences of its direct impacts.  For example, Banco Bradesco has been a member of the Brazil Greenhouse Gas Protocol Program since 2008 and prepares its emissions inventory based on the program’s guidelines.  Also, unlike many of its emerging market peers, Banco Bradesco has initiated several supplier initiatives, including its Social-Environmental Questionnaire and membership in the Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration program, which encourages suppliers to manage and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions in connection with the Carbon Disclosure Project.   Areas for improvement include creating and implementing sector policies that would further minimize the indirect environmental risks associated with the company’s corporate lending.

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