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Canadian Pacific Railway


Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) is a transcontinental railway providing freight and intermodal services across Canada and the United States.

Rail systems are known for their high efficiency and relatively low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  A report by Carnegie Mellon’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering indicates that road freight emits approximately 24 times more GHG emissions than rail freight on a per ton-mile basis, clearly demonstrating the reduced climate footprint associated with rail freight.  In an effort to further improve upon the intrinsic environmental benefits of rail, CPR has begun to purchase Green Goat hybrid switch engine locomotives for use in its rail yards.  By utilizing this hybrid technology, similar to that found in a hybrid car, these yard locomotives are able to achieve between 75% and 90% reductions in certain emissions.  The company also has a number of fuel efficiency initiatives, including the adoption of idling technology and track lubrication programs.

While CPR has demonstrated leadership by the early adoption of Green Goats, and other initiatives, Portfolio 21 has asked the company to provide comprehensive, annual environmental reporting that addresses the company’s environmental impacts and initiatives.

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