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Cisco Systems

United States

Cisco provides communications and information technology products and services.

Although Cisco’s entire product range cannot be credited with providing ecological benefits, the company does recognize the business opportunities associated with addressing ecological constraints through its product offerings.Cisco’s vision is of a “future where the intelligent use of networking architectures can transform society not only by boosting productivity and spurring economic growth, but also by supporting environmental sustainability.” To this end, Cisco offers products such as “Connected Real Estate,” which can improve energy efficiency by facilitating the design, monitoring, and control of multiple building management systems. Additionally, Cisco’s collaboration technologies, such as web and teleconferencing, can facilitate working remotely, thereby reducing travel emissions. Internally, Cisco has created the “Carbon to Collaboration” initiative that uses its own collaboration technologies to significantly reduce its air travel and associated carbon emissions. Cisco also addresses energy and resource efficiency through its hardware design and employs a modular approach for upgrades. For example, the company promotes the use (and upgrade) of network cards to improve or expand functionality without requiring the replacement of a whole product. While Cisco has a formal policy on conflict minerals, the company lags behind industry peers who have completed due diligence efforts on their supply chains and released lists of smelters involved in supplying tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold.

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