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Compass Group

United Kingdom

Compass Group is the world’s largest foodservice company, serving over 45,000 client locations and more than 4 billion meals a year.

Compass also offers additional services, such as cleaning, building operations and maintenance, logistics and transport, project management, and security services. The company purchases large volumes of food ingredients for its operations, so it is imperative that it have strong procurement guidelines. In 2006, Compass established a group-wide purchasing policy excluding unsustainable wild and farmed seafood from its menus. Many of the company’s sites also seek Marine Stewardship Council certification or abide by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch list. Additionally, Compass Group USA has announced plans to phase out all pork products bred in gestation crates by 2017. This equates to approximately 38 million pounds of pork annually. In an effort to learn more about its cradle to customer impact, Compass partnered with First Carbon Solutions to develop a tool known as the Carbon FOODPrint. This tool assists the company in the aggregation of data on the production, packaging, and transport of ingredients, serving materials, and cleaning chemicals required to manage a foodservice operation.

Compass has utilized the FOODPrint data to establish some internal reduction goals, including a reduction in vehicle fuel consumption of 10% over a 2007/08 baseline. Portfolio 21 has suggested further integration of the data into the company’s business strategy, such as establishing reduction targets for its overall energy consumption.

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