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Deere & Company

United States

Deere & Company provides products and services for the agriculture and forestry sectors worldwide.

Agriculture is an essential sector, and Portfolio 21 believes that Deere & Company has an inherent competitive advantage by offering products and services that will be in demand as ecological limits progress against economic growth. Unlike many sectors, agriculture is not cyclical as it is responsible for feeding the world’s growing population and contributes to the growing use of biomass for production of alternative fuels. As ecological constraints on economic growth continue to manifest, this sector will be impacted by increasing energy costs and competition for water resources. As a result, Portfolio 21 believes Deere & Company will witness a growing demand for energy efficient products and products, such as no-till equipment, that decrease soil disturbance and erosion. For example, Deere & Company introduced the 644K hybrid wheel loader that reduces fuel use by up to 25% compared to conventional products. Deere also recognizes these trends stating that, “it has a role to play in enabling our customers and communities to sustainably and productively exist in a world of finite natural resources.”

Portfolio 21 has requested that Deere & Company strengthen its environmental management system to improve the company’s manufacturing efficiencies and key performance indicators.

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