Company Profile

Denso Corporation


Denso designs and manufactures automotive parts, such as air conditioning units, radiators, alternators, and components for fuel injection systems and electric hybrid vehicles.

The company has a strong environmental policy, known as EcoVision, which highlights efforts in four areas:  Eco management, Eco products, Eco friendly, and Eco factory. Denso’s product development process utilizes life-cycle analyses to address its products’ environmental impacts during use, such as fuel efficiency and exhaust gases, reduction in the use of greenhouse gas refrigerants and hazardous substances, weight and size reduction of components, and product recyclability. The company recognizes that climate change presents a business opportunity. To this end, Denso is working to reduce the impact of its current product line, and providing components for environmentally superior technologies, such as emissions filtering and hybrid vehicles. The company is also developing non-automotive products and services, such as a natural refrigerant heat pump water heater. It is also establishing a consulting business utilizing the company’s energy-saving technology and skills. Regarding the company’s direct environmental reporting, Denso shows a trend of overall improvement, however, Portfolio 21 has asked the company to improve performance in areas that have shown some decline.

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