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East Japan Railway


East Japan Railway’s primary business is passenger and freight rail services; the company is the largest passenger railway company in the world and serves approximately 17 million passengers daily.

In terms of energy and land use, railways offer the greatest efficiency of all land-based transport modes. East Japan Railway is continually working to reduce the power consumption of its systems. It has introduced new reduced-weight railcars that utilize regenerative braking for greater efficiency. The company has also developed the world’s first hybrid prototype train with improved energy performance. In sum, more than 90% of East Japan Railway’s railcar fleet is energy efficient.

East Japan Railway is working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of the entire transport system by promoting intermodal transportation, which combines rail with other modes of travel. To support this initiative the company is offering discounts on rail and rental car combinations, providing more parking spots at its station sites, and working with travel agents to encourage train tours rather than bus tours. The company is also beginning to install photovoltaic solar systems on some of its stations to reduce the impact of on-site energy use. Areas for improvement include developing standards for the use of green building principles in its property development and train station remodels.

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