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Eaton provides electrical systems and components for power distribution and control.

The majority of Eaton’s customers are in industries with significant environmental challenges, and the company’s products enable them to reduce their energy use and other environmental impacts. Eaton’s products address energy efficiency in the fields of Electrical, Aerospace, Automotive, Hydraulics, and Trucks. For example, Eaton’s Hybrid Electric Vehicle powertrain and Hydraulic Launch system boost fuel economy and reduce particulate emissions in buses and trucks, its electrical power control systems can reduce power consumption by up to 50%, and Eaton offers variable speed drives that are inherently more energy efficient than single speed drives. Eaton’s CEO, Alexander Cutler, shows a clear understanding of environmental issues in his assessment that “[increasing energy, transportation, and infrastructure demands] are causing a strain on power grids, petroleum supplies, the environment, and the pocketbooks of global businesses and everyday consumers.” By helping its customers operate more efficiently and produce more energy efficient products, Eaton is poised to benefit from the market opportunity to assist businesses in adapting to today’s ecological constraints. Areas for improvement include establishing reduction targets for absolute energy consumption and a commitment to purchase renewable energy.

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