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Elekta develops clinical solutions for the treatment of cancer and neurological diseases, including radiation therapy and radiosurgery, as well as software systems for devices used throughout the spectrum of cancer care.

One of Elekta’s strengths is its understanding of the importance of environmental life-cycle analysis for its own operations and for its clients. Elekta participated in the creation of, and is currently adopting, the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 60601-1-9 requirements for environmentally conscious design of medical devices. By adopting these principles, Elekta has reduced the amount of steel, brass, and lead while simplifying the design of subassemblies, which allows for a reduction in the total number of components needed and total packaging required. Beginning July 2014, the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive will cover medical devices. While the Directive is required only for equipment sold in the European Union, Elekta states that all of its products will be compliant, regardless of where they are sold.

Elekta has also committed to reducing its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 35% per unit of revenue by 2015 (from a 2009 baseline). The company’s main facilities have ISO 14001 certified environmental management systems and it tracks its key performance indicators. However, Elekta currently only discloses its greenhouse gas emissions and electricity consumption through its participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project; the company does not report on other key performance indicators. Portfolio 21 has encouraged Elekta to begin this practice.

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