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United States

IHS provides economic, financial, and political information covering markets, companies, transactions, and geopolitics.

The company supplies both content and analysis to a diverse customer base, including governments, multi-national corporations, technical professionals, and small companies. Portfolio 21 believes that IHS is well positioned to take advantage of the growing demand for resource management software.  IHS currently offers software applications for greenhouse gas management; chemical lifecycle management; air, water, and waste management; and sustainability tracking, management, and reporting, as well as guidance in greening chemical supply chains and compliance with environmental regulations.   The company recognizes its unique position and has made resource management software an area of focus in its acquisition strategy.

IHS also services sectors that are pushing against ecological limits.  Within IHS’s Energy division, the company provides oil and gas companies with surface and subsurface geologic, engineering, and political risk information.   Although the oil and gas sector will likely feel greater impact from ecological constraints, Portfolio 21 believes that as resources become scarcer, more companies will need the types of information IHS provides.  Areas for improvement for IHS include reporting on its direct environmental impacts and establishing reduction goals.

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