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Intercontinental Exchange

United States

Financials – Diversified Financial Services

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) operates regulated financial exchanges, trading platforms, and clearing houses for global agricultural, credit, currency, emissions, energy, and equity index markets.

Impacts and Opportunities for Financial Service Companies

Market Growth

ICE operates the Chicago Climate Exchange and through ICE Futures Europe, the company operates the regulated futures market for carbon emissions based on the European Union Emission Trading Scheme. In addition, ICE has other products with environmental benefits listed on its exchanges, including various renewable energy certificate contracts, California carbon allowance contracts, and biofuel products. Portfolio 21 believes emission exchanges stand to see large gains in both revenue and business activity when emissions trading is legislated in the U.S. and beyond. We see additional exposure in the emissions trading market as an opportunity for ICE.

Low Impact Service Company

Portfolio 21 considers ICE to be a low impact service company. As a service business, this company’s environmental footprint is minimal due to its business model and structure. It does not produce consumable products, operate manufacturing facilities, utilize outsourced production facilities, or operate retail storefronts.

Areas for Improvement

Enhanced Reporting

Intercontinental Exchange does not recognize or report on its direct environmental impacts. Portfolio 21 has asked ICE to begin reporting on the ecological risks and opportunities associated with its business and adopt initiatives that monitor and reduce the company’s direct environmental footprint.

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