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United Kingdom

Intertek is an inspection and verification service company that provides audit and consultancy services to a range of industries from electronics to toy and game manufacturers.

Intertek offers a variety of environmental, health, and safety services for its customers, including confirmation of compliance with European Union environmental regulations that govern chemicals and hazardous substances. Additional offerings include greenhouse gas measurement and monitoring, toxicology risk assessments, and testing for contaminated water and soil. The company recently developed a packaging life-cycle analysis tool called Pack4ecodesign that provides users with the environmental impacts of their packaging designs, suggests various methods for improvement, and instantly calculates the environmental gain from proposed changes. In addition, Intertek has developed a carbon offset program that allows its customers to measure and offset the carbon dioxide generated from the use of Intertek’s services.

Areas for improvement include publishing information about its initiatives to manage direct environmental impacts, including those of its laboratories.

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