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IPG Photonics

United States

IPG Photonics develops and manufactures a broad line of fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, and diode lasers that are used for many applications by a diverse customer base.

Fiber lasers use semiconductor diodes as the light source to pump specialty optical fibers, which are infused with rare earth ions.  The laser emission is created within optical fibers and delivered through a flexible optical fiber cable.  As a result of their design and components, fiber lasers are reliable, efficient, and portable, and are easier to use.  Additionally, fiber lasers have higher absorption, which enables faster cutting speed with less power and the ability to process a wider variety of materials.  IPG reports that fiber lasers convert electrical energy to optical energy twice as efficiently as the closest competing technology and up to 30 times more efficiently than older technologies.   IPG promotes the efficiency of its products by providing a fiber laser energy savings calculator on its website.

Portfolio 21 has asked the company to improve its environmental accounting and disclosure of its key performance indicators.

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