Company Profile

Johnson Controls

United States

Johnson Controls is a diversified company with three business divisions: Building Efficiency, Power Solutions, and Automotive Experience.

The company’s greatest environmental strength is its understanding of climate change risk and the associated opportunities for Johnson Controls’ business divisions.  As limits on greenhouse gas emissions increase throughout the world, the company believes demand for its products and services will increase.  For example, Johnson Controls provides products and services to make buildings more efficient, manufactures lighter vehicle parts to enhance fuel efficiency, develops lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles, and provides renewable energy solutions.  Johnson Controls recognizes that buildings account for up to 40% of total energy use worldwide.  The company’s building efficiency products and services provide significant environmental benefits while also generating favorable cost savings for clients.

The company also opened the world’s first lithium-ion hybrid battery facility in Nersac, France to support the development of lithium-ion battery systems for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.  Additionally, the company has launched a “design for sustainability” program in order to minimize environmental impacts across the product lifecycle.  In 2008, Johnson Controls began measuring its water, waste, and energy use and has set 2018 goals.  Portfolio 21 will continue to monitor the company’s progress across all of its business divisions.

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