Company Profile

Johnson Matthey

United States

Johnson Matthey’s history is in refining and fabricating precious metals. Today, Johnson Matthey describes itself as a leader in sustainable technologies and identifies climate change as an opportunity for the company.

The company has used its expertise in precious metals to establish itself as a major manufacturer of chemical process catalysts. Catalysts are seen as a boon to the green chemistry sector because they enable chemical reactions to be carried out under milder conditions, require less energy, and use less toxic chemicals and solvents. Johnson Matthey’s chemical catalysts play a key role in the production of clean fuels, the conversion of waste and green raw materials into energy, and the improvement of emissions from combustion engines, including nitrous oxide, soot, and greenhouse gases. In fact, Johnson Matthey identifies climate change as an opportunity for the company. Anticipating further growth in this field, in 2007 the company created a Sustainability 2017 framework, a ten-year program aimed at reducing the company’s own direct environmental impact while further developing sustainable products and technologies that could enable their customers to operate more efficiently. Johnson Matthey’s 2017 goals are to halve its carbon intensity, reduce key resources by 50% per unit of output, send zero waste to landfill, and double earnings per share. Portfolio 21 will monitor the development of Johnson Matthey’s 2017 framework.

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