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Jones Lang LaSalle

United States

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) provides real estate and investment management services, as well as property and facility management services, to its global portfolio of approximately 2 billion square feet.

JLL states that “the greatest contribution we can make to mitigate climate change is to reduce the energy and carbon generating activities on [our clients’] behalf.” To this end, JLL’s Energy and Sustainability Services (ESS) are offered across all of the company’s Real Estate Services, as well as to JLL’s wider business offerings.   For example, the company’s largest revenue generating division, Leasing Services, has incorporated ESS through the creation of green leases and prospective building assessments.  In addition to the company’s energy assessments and recommendations, JLL also provides facility upgrades aimed to reduce their clients’ direct environmental impacts.  Upgrades include efficient chillers, metered lighting, and reflective coatings on roofing systems.  As a result of the company’s broad Energy and Sustainability Services, JLL aims to deliver carbon savings for clients that exceed ten times its own global footprint.  Although just a small percentage of the company’s total square footage is certified through the green building organization Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), JLL is actively increasing the environmental accreditations of its professionals through several programs, including LEED, Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, and Green Star.  JLL has also established a Sustainability University to educate its teams and clients on best practices.

An area that Portfolio 21 has requested JLL improve is the tracking and reporting of its own direct impacts, including water, waste, and emissions.

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