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Klabin is a leading manufacturer of paper, packaging, and timber products.

The company’s environmental leadership within the Forest Products & Paper industry is demonstrated by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification of 100% of its forestlands.  Klabin was the first company in the Southern Hemisphere to be granted FSC certification in 1998 and is among a small number of companies in the industry to have chain-of-custody certification for its operations, products, and supply chain.  In addition, the company preserves approximately 40% of its forestlands as native woodlands to provide habitat for many threatened and endangered species.  Klabin sees climate change as the most serious threat to natural ecosystems.  The company has committed to using renewable energy and has a long-term goal of being energy self-sufficient.  Klabin also works to move policy makers and the business community to prioritize climate change initiatives and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

While the company reports on many of its environmental impact areas, Portfolio 21 has requested improved disclosure of its bleaching process and chemical management.

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