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United States

MetLife is the largest life insurer in the United States.

Like many insurance companies, MetLife’s primary risk lies in its investment portfolio.  Although the company lacks a dedicated responsible investment team or policy, MetLife does maintain a robust renewable energy and sustainable real estate investment portfolio.  Moreover, in an effort to limit the company’s financial risk and emphasize more of its core business, life insurance, MetLife exited the mortgage origination business.  MetLife also has numerous initiatives in place to limit its environmental impacts.  For example, nearly all of the company’s owned and occupied buildings are Energy Star certified and approximately one-half of the company’s properties are certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  The company has a strong, detailed, environmental policy and supply chain policy that encourages e-delivery as a means to reduce paper use, as well as green procurement guidelines.  Additionally, MetLife has undertaken initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is exploring renewable energy opportunities.

While MetLife addresses its direct environmental impacts, Portfolio 21 would like to see the company take a more aggressive approach to incorporating environmental, social and governance criteria into the risk management of its proprietary investments.

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