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Natura Cosmeticos


Natura Cosmeticos, a Brazilian cosmetics company, focuses its business on the sustainable use of natural resources and respect for local cultural traditions.

Natura Cosmeticos establishes partnerships with rural suppliers, indigenous communities, and family farm groups. Additionally, the company promotes research and development for the discovery of new and renewable raw materials. Natura Cosmeticos supports organic and biodynamic production models, sustainable agriculture, and agroforest systems-all techniques that can help increase soil fertility and biodiversity. Additionally, a portion of the company's raw materials are Forest Stewardship Council and the company prohibits the use of genetically modified organisms.

Natura Cosmeticos is continually working to increase the recycled content of its packaging. The company is increasing the share of refills per items sold, with the goal of further reducing the impact of packaging. Natura Cosmeticos has also made a commitment to becoming carbon neutral. On the manufacturing side, the company seeks to develop processes that reduce the need for material inputs and minimize waste. Although Natura Cosmeticos has made some progress in addressing the long-term impacts of climate change on its business, Portfolio 21 continues to press the company to share data regarding the life-cycle impacts of its products.

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