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United States

As a supplier of industrial gases, much of Praxair's business is based on a renewable resource--air.

Over 25% of Praxair's annual revenues are derived from products and technologies that help its customers reduce their environmental footprints, improve energy efficiency, and/or decrease use of raw materials. For example, oxygen can be used to increase combustion efficiencies in industrial applications, or hydrogen gas can aid in the de-sulfurization process for gasoline--both result in fewer emissions and a cleaner environment.

We believe the key to Praxair's growth and success is the development of green technologies that help customers improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts via high-efficiency combustion processes, fuel cells, and natural gas fuel technologies. Portfolio 21 has asked Praxair for improvements in two areas: global certification of its environmental management systems to the ISO 14001 standard, which we believe would enhance regulatory compliance, and improved sustainability reporting.

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