Company Profile

Quanta Services

United States

Quanta Services provides contracting services, including the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of infrastructure for the electric power, natural gas and pipeline, and fiber optic licensing sectors.

The transmission and distribution (T&D) of electricity and natural gas are not major point sources of greenhouse gas emissions and therefore T&D activities face fewer climate and financial risks exploration and generation companies.  However, Quanta Services and Quanta’s customers are still heavily regulated with respect to the environment.  Quanta Services is subject to a range of regulations, from discharges to air, water and soil, to the protection of Golden Eagles and other endangered and threatened species.  Through direct communications with the company, Portfolio 21 learned that it has a strong compliance record with respect to environmental regulations.  The company is also well positioned to service the United States’ aging electric power grids and insufficient natural gas pipelines.

Currently, just a fraction of its total revenues are derived from renewable energy projects; however, the company anticipates the future development of renewables will lead to increased sales in its electric transmission design and construction services. Quanta Services provides minimal environmental accounting.  This is an area in which Portfolio 21 has asked the company to improve.

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