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Roche is primarily a producer of pharmaceuticals (both chemical and biologically based) but is also involved in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic products.

The greatest ecological risks for pharmaceutical companies are in the chemical ingredients and associated environmental life-cycle impacts. Roche addresses these risks by designing its manufacturing sites to reduce the risk of active ingredients entering wastewater, and through the use of financial incentives to encourage customers to return unused products for proper disposal. The company’s Environmental Awareness in Chemical Technology program also promotes sustainable chemistry practices throughout its research and development labs. Roche’s manufacturing facilities have been fitted with technologies such as wastewater pretreatment systems that use high energy ultraviolet radiation to destroy potentially hazardous active pharmaceutical ingredients residuals from entering the environment. Roche is also actively working to redevelop some of its pharmaceutical formulations to reduce solvent use while simultaneously increasing the recoverability and recyclability of its chemical inputs. The company manufactures biopharmaceuticals using genetically modified organisms and its procedures meet Portfolio 21’s Biotechnology Policy.

The company’s diagnostic products division demonstrates leadership by producing only one version of each device for sale worldwide, thereby complying with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive on a global basis. The company has established take-back programs for its electronic equipment in the European Union—as mandated by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive—however, take-back programs in other countries, such as the United States, are an area for improvement.

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