Company Profile

Ryder System

United States

Ryder System provides transportation and logistics management solutions designed to assist its customers to optimize their transportation operations.

The company views fuel efficiency as a key business opportunity and recognizes that by improving the efficiency of its operations and its fleet it minimizes the costs and climate impact for itself and its customers.  Ryder’s commitment to fuel efficiency can be seen across numerous initiatives.  For instance, RydeSmart, uses a GPS fleet location, tracking, and vehicle performance management system to help customers reduce fuel costs, minimize unscheduled stops, and measure driver performance and efficiency.  The company also introduced its RydeGreen line of tractors and trailers that include SmartWay verified technologies for both conventional and hybrid vehicles.  The RydeGreen hybrid medium-duty truck improves fuel efficiency by up to 30% over conventional vehicles.  Additionally, Ryder’s Flex-to-Green lease program allows businesses to incrementally convert their fleet of diesel-powered vehicles to low-emission, alternative fuel vehicles.  The company has a closed-loop system to reuse oil, oily water, oil filters, and solvent, and additionally it has incorporated the use of retread tires.

Portfolio 21 has asked the company to improve its environmental accounting by establishing reduction goals for the company’s key environmental performance indicators.

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