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SAP offers a host of business software for use across a large range of industries, from banking to telecommunications.

In recent years, the company has strategically developed and marketed a variety of software applications that enable the monitoring and evaluation of its clients’ environmental impacts and initiatives.  Examples include software for managing energy data, carbon impact, and lifecycle assessments.  Although not all of the company’s products fit an environmental profile, the company recognizes the need for “sustainability software,” stating that “we need to change our software because we think it will be harder to sell software systems that don’t have sustainability built in them in a comprehensive way.”  SAP has also committed research and development resources to creating products that have an environmental focus, such as tracking the greenhouse gas emissions of products and services, and considering how consumers buy power based on energy source and carbon emission rates.

Although SAP has a number of initiatives to address its own environmental impacts, including tracking and reporting its own greenhouse gas emissions, we have asked the company to improve its reporting and goal setting on waste, water, and packaging.

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