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Schneider Electric


Schneider Electric provides energy efficiency equipment and services.

The company makes power supply equipment for solar and wind power systems, as well as energy saving devices. One of Schneider Electric's building control systems enables all lights in a facility to be turned off with one switch. This system also includes photoelectric cells that are programmed to turn off artificial lighting automatically when sufficient natural light is available. The system can generate savings of over 50% with a payback period of approximately three years.

Schneider Electric's Chairman Henri Lachmann believes that the company has the "important advantage of being part of the solution" to global warming. This strategic approach is demonstrated in product development with an expanding line of products featuring a Product Environmental Profile, which provides pertinent environmental performance information as well as the best way to dispose of the product at the end of its life. We believe the company would be well served to increase its activities in end-of-life product management as well as increasing the environmental standards, criteria, and monitoring of its suppliers.

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