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Siemens’ goal is to become one of the world’s top three suppliers of technological solutions for wind energy, biofuels, and solar thermal energy.

In addition, Siemens offers a variety of products with environmental benefits, such as wind turbines, wastewater treatment technologies, and energy-efficient train systems, which contribute to the company’s growing proportion of revenue from its environmental portfolio. The three key criteria that qualify products for inclusion in this portfolio are high energy efficiency, renewable energy technology, or environmental technology. In 2013, this portfolio of products resulted in a reduction of 3777 million tons of carbon dioxide. Siemens has implemented an internal standard that requires product engineers to consider the environmental impacts of all new products as they are designed, and many products undergo a full life-cycle assessment or screening. Siemens’ consideration of environmental impacts has resulted in significant increases in the efficiency and environmental benefit of its products. For example, Siemens redesigned the city of Oslo’s metro train; the train was constructed to minimize weight and maximize efficiency, which resulted in a 30% reduction in energy consumption. Portfolio 21 will continue to monitor the proportion of Siemens’ products that undergo life-cycle assessments.

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