Company Profile

SVB Financial Group

United States

SVB Financial Group is a holding company that offers commercial banking products and services through its principal subsidiary, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

Through other subsidiaries, SVB Financial Group also offers brokerage, investment advisory, and asset management services. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) offers services to startup corporate clients in specific niche areas, such as life science, technology, private equity, and premium wine companies. While focused on early stage companies, SVB offers a global treasury platform designed to work for businesses as they grow. In addition, SVB can guide companies through initial public offerings, investment management, global risk management, expert valuation, and capitalization table management. Examples of companies SVB has invested in include: A123 Systems, which develops and manufactures lithium-ion batteries and battery systems for the transportation, electric grid, and commercial markets; Solexant, a third generation thin film photovoltaic technology company; Knoarka Technologies, a solar energy company that utilizes organic chemistry; and Innovalight, which develops high efficiency solar cell process technology.

SVB recognizes the growth opportunity in clean technology; in 2009 it worked with approximately half of all venture capital-backed cleantech companies in the U.S. An area for improvement for SVB includes reporting on the company’s own environmental initiatives.

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