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Svenska Cellulosa (SCA)


Svenska Cellulosa (SCA) is a paper and packaging company with a sawn timber business.

This organization operates on the belief that "sustainability makes good business sense." Executives at SCA have long believed that environmental efforts should not be regarded as an expense but as a contribution to increasing profitability. SCA acknowledges that climate change is the most pressing environmental issue of our time and is involved in a joint venture with the Norwegian energy company Statkraft to build six wind farms in Sweden. The first wind farm was completed in 2013; in total the six wind farms will have an annual capacity of three terawatt hours of renewable energy. SCA utilizes biofuels and operates several efficient co-generation facilities at its production plants. All of the company-owned forestlands are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and products are made primarily from sustainably sourced and renewable materials. As a result of the company’s long-term forest management, every year SCA’s owned forests absorb approximately 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide, which roughly corresponds to the total volume of emissions from the company’s production plants. As SCA expands into Asia, Portfolio 21 encourages the company to develop a strategy for continued commitment to FSC forests and materials, increase recovered paper collection, and continue exemplary compliance with environmental standards. Additionally, the company achieved its water reduction goal in 2013 and Portfolio 21 has asked SCA to develop a long-term reduction goal.

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