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Swiss Re


Swiss Re is a global leader in insuring insurance companies, a field known as reinsurance. The company has core business areas in property and casualty reinsurance and life and health reinsurance.

It also offers property and casualty insurance to mid-sized and multinational corporations. Swiss Re was an early leader in the insurance industry on the importance of environmental issues and it lobbies for strong public policies to combat climate change. For example, senior managers from Swiss Re have participated in the Clinton Global Initiative, the G8 Climate Change Roundtable, and the United Nations Environment Program’s Finance Initiative Climate Change Working Group. The company is active in business, government, and citizen education about the increasing financial, environmental, and health impacts of climate destabilization. By recognizing the importance of global warming and pollution issues, and the impacts of these phenomena on its business, Swiss Re creates incentives for its clients to reduce their impact on the environment. The company’s insurance rates are based, in part, on a client’s environmental impact and the risks associated with that impact. Swiss Re’s Sustainability Risk Framework guides the company’s integration of environmental, social and governance considerations into its investment decisions. The company applies sustainability related risk information across its entire investment portfolio and is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and the Principles for Sustainable Insurance. Areas for improvement include increasing reporting details on environmental performance indicators.

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