Company Profile

Tennant Company

United States

Tennant Company is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing equipment for floor maintenance and outdoor cleaning.

It also creates floor surface coatings for cleaning and protecting a variety of settings, such as factories, office buildings, parking lots, and streets. Tennant recognizes the opportunities inherent in addressing environmental issues in its business operations and its product offerings. For example, the company studies the life-cycle impacts of its products and services and makes changes to reduce impacts where opportunities exist. Tennant’s ec-H2O cleaning machine technology utilizes only water and requires no added chemicals, helping its customers reduce their environmental impact. In addition, Tennant has also introduced Green Seal-certified cleaning agents.

Portfolio 21 anticipates Tennant’s environmental commitment will increase the demand for its products as consumers become better educated about the benefits of cleaning products with lower impact on personal health and the environment. Portfolio 21 has asked the company to continue to implement changes in product development in order to reduce dependence on raw materials that may cause the greatest environmental liabilities.

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