Company Profile

Tractor Supply Company

United States

Tractor Supply Company is a retailer of goods that serve recreational farmers and ranchers.

With close to 1100 locations, the majority of the company’s stores are located in rural areas of the United States.  Tractor Supply Company recently launched its Stewardship Program, focused on efficiency gains and the elimination of waste.  This program is led by the company’s Stewardship Committee, composed of eight senior executives.   So far the company has made significant improvements within its logistics and transportation operations.  For example, by replacing its plastic shipping containers with cardboard boxes, which can be recycled at the stores, Tractor Supply Company is saving more than 700,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year.   From the replacement of old forklifts with new low emission and energy efficient models to the use of remotely monitored energy management systems, Tractor Supply Company is also working to decrease its energy use.

Although not publicly available, Tractor Supply Company revealed that it   tracks key performance metrics and has reduction goals in place.   The company is currently working with its suppliers regarding sustainability issues.  Portfolio 21 has asked Tractor Supply Company to develop raw material restrictions as part of its initiatives with suppliers.

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