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Umicore is a basic materials company and the world’s leading recycler of precious metals.

Approximately half of the company’s revenues are generated through products that provide direct environmental benefits. Examples include materials for rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, and auto catalysts (which reduce harmful pollutants from vehicles). The company has also reoriented its research and development program to further increase business and research in clean technology. Umicore has made significant capital investments in technology and infrastructure to increase production efficiencies and the flexibility of its recycling and refining operations. The company has an award-winning battery recycling technology and is involved with Nokia and other mobile phone manufacturers in an initiative to raise consumer awareness and participation in product take-back and recycling.The majority of Umicore’s facilities have obtained ISO 14001 certification and the company tracks its environmental performance across a number of areas, including material inputs, carbon dioxide and other air emissions, water emissions, energy and water consumption, and waste generation.

Umicore utilizes its Assessment of Product Sustainability (APS) to assist in the designing of products with minimal environmental impacts; however, there are no specific product improvement and/or resource saving examples provided. Portfolio 21 would like to see the company further its discussion on APS.

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