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United Natural Foods (UNFI) is a wholesale distributor of natural and organic foods . The company works to protect and preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable agriculture practices.

UNFI is a partner of The Non-GMO Project and works closely with conventional farmers who are transitioning to sustainable practices with the goal of achieving organic certification. In an effort to maintain consumer confidence throughout the organic supply chain, UNFI has established guidelines for organic suppliers to register a new stock-keeping unit code (SKU) if there is a material change in the official USDA organic designation. UNFI’s business requires significant consumption of fossil fuels. According to the company, fuel for its fleet makes up 69.5% of its total emissions. To reduce fuel consumption the company continually tests new technologies such as airtabs and trailer side skirts; between 2013 and 2014 UNFI improved its fleet fuel efficiency by 3.8%. Additionally, the company is building regional distribution hubs with green building standards certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

UNFI is also a partner in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay transportation program. Over the years, UNFI has been subject to numerous labor disputes, while these issues have been resolved we will continue to monitor the company on its labor practices and employee satisfaction.

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