Company Profile

Waste Management

United States

Waste Management provides waste collection, disposal, recycling, and energy production services across North America.

The company has expanded its mission beyond waste hauling to extracting value from waste. As Waste Management says, "Increasingly, trash is seen as too valuable to just throw away." Waste Management also provides consulting to customers on sustainability principles and goals across business operations, including efficient use of materials and design for disassembly. For example, the company worked with two Alcoa aluminum plants to develop a resource recovery plan that reclaims over 20 tons of aluminum oxide per week.

Waste Management produces power by capturing methane gas at over 45% of its landfills. Waste Management also owns incineration, or waste-to-energy, plants and independent power plants. By 2020, the company's goal is to power more than 2 million homes from its energy production facilities. Portfolio 21 will monitor the company's environmental management practices and has requested that Waste Management establish long-term carbon dioxide reduction goals.

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