Estimated Dividends and Capital Gains Distributions for 2013

December 19, 2013

Following is information regarding dividends and capital gains distributions paid to current Portfolio 21 shareholders.  These figures are estimates. You will receive Form 1099-DIV early next year that will report the final amounts (over $10) of dividends and/or capital gains.

Record Date:  December 18, 2013
Ex-Date, Reinvestment date, Payable Date:  December 19, 2013

Estimated Dividends:
PORTX:   $0.19135708
PORIX:    $0.25096989

Estimated Capital Gains Distributions:
Net Short-term Gains:  None
Net Long-Term Gains:  None
Short-term gains are treated as ordinary income. Long-term gains are taxed between 0% and 20%, depending on your income tax bracket.

Fund NAV as of Record Date:
PORTX:  $39.85
PORIX:  $39.86

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